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Lecture: Leadership in the Financial Industry


Dr. Harry W. Trummer


Learning Goals and Competencies

  • Gaining knowledge and understanding and the ability applying the fundamental leadership theories and models (LGB-1).

  • Gaining leadership training with case studies and education for a career of professional excellence (LGB-3).

  • Developing communication skills and the ability to interrelate with others (LGB-6).

  • Enhancing awareness and commitment towards effective citizenship and social responsibility (LGB-4).


Module Description
As participant of the program you will receive a theoretical and practical overview about principal strategic and operative leadership topics and the latest leadership approaches and styles for leading companies in  globalised economies. We will discuss in class topics such as leadership skills in strategic management, approaches of leadership effectiveness, authentic leadership, leadership that transforms the company from "good to great", effective team leading, inspiring others, leadership and followership. The participants of the course will learn, train and will be equipped with soft skills, managerial skills and leadership negotiations and networking skills and will learn how to become an impactful and capable leader. Furthermore the participants of the course will hear leadership guest lectures from international Top Executives.

Expert Talks

Northouse, P. G. (2022). Leadership: Theory and Practice (9th edition). Sage Publications. Additional literature will be assigned throughout the course.

Further Information: QIS-LSF

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