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13th GFA Career Fair & Company Dialogue 2023, October 26th, 2023 @ Goethe University

After Corona GFA is back with the GFA Career Fair & Company Dialogue in presence!

Ten fascinating GFA-Supporters presented their companies and challenging job offers for the students from all over the world (Bachelor, Master, MBA and PhD) at the 13th GFA Career Fair & Company Dialogue 2023 in the fantastic Hörsaalzentrum of Goethe University at Campus Westend.

Starting with a welcome opening given by Vis. Prof. Dr. Trummer, CEO of Goethe Finance Association (GFA) together with his GFA-Relationship-Management-Team all companies offered very interesting and interactive informations and presentations at their fair stands. Hundreds of our Goethe-University students attended the Career Fair and had great opportunities speaking with hr-recruiters and top executives from the companies.

GFA thanks all participants for their strong support and engagement which made this Career Fair a successful and valuable networking event building strong bridges to the labor market.

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